Artificial jewelry vs Gold jewelry : which is better ?

Jul 09, 2021
Artificial jewelry vs Gold jewelry : which is better ?

For a lady, it is one of most difficult decision, when she has to choose between Gold jewellery and Artificial jewellery. It becomes so difficult to choose between these two, as both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now no need to stress yourself on your special Day, because, we here at CrazyHoor, your very own jewellery shop, suggest you benefit of imitation jewelry over pure gold jewelry.

1. Less tension when carrying Artificial jewellery

We can't count how many times we had to check whether the gold chain or those diamond earrings were still there, or if they mysteriously disappeared into the air. This is a huge distraction for us, and we can't seem to enjoy the occasion where we come. Even if we travel with precious jewels, we often check our luggage to ensure their safety. Once we lose them, all hell will fall apart. Not only theft, but the sinking feeling of losing all the money you spend on them is the most painful. This is where imitation jewelry saves the world. It is cheap, affordable, and most importantly, it is less likely to be stolen. You don’t need to worry and continue to check if they are still with you. Even if you lose something like a ring or earrings, it is not as painful as losing gold jewelry.

2. Lots of different Varieties

Wouldn’t it be boring if you only have one necklace to match your saree or dress at a time? With imitation jewelry, you can choose new trends and incorporate them into your clothing style. For the same clothes, you can try pearls, gold-plated jewellery, AD jewellery or even kundan jewellery. As fashion trends continue to change, if you use precious metals as everyday jewelry, it is difficult to keep up because they take a long time to make. A better choice is imitation jewelry, which can be matched with more than one set of clothes.

3. Same look in less cost

With so many styles on the market, you can't find a perfect substitute for expensive jewelry that matches your outfit perfectly. Yes, you can get almost identical replicas of jewelry is inexpensive, and there are many variations that you can't have when making jewelry with precious metals and gems. Artificial jewellery is very cost effective than real jewellery.

4. Match with all kinds of outfits

There are many options for imitation jewelry, and the best part is that you can wear it with almost anything. As a rusty metal, it looks like a match made in heaven with kurtis, and pearls are very suitable for pairing with jeans and ethnic shirts. You can try AD earrings or necklaces at any time to add originality to your daily outfits. Look of the same costume can be changed by simple accessory changes.

5. Authenticity of the Metal or gemstone used

Although the jeweler assured us that he used real metals and gems, sometimes we still doubt whether it is real. It is also natural, because we prefer to stab a knife in our throat instead of being ashamed of wearing fake jewelry on us.

6. Maintenance Issues of real jewelry

The most annoying thing about a gold and silver jewelry is that we need to polish it regularly to maintain its shine and luster. What happens if we forget to polish them before participating in the event, we will not even talk about it. On the other hand, imitation jewelry is easy to maintain and does not require any maintenance.

7. Unstable Pricing of gold jewellery

Gold is loved by all woman in India as a culture and used in festive occasions. We know that the price of gold or other precious metals can be very expensive. Since prices always fluctuate from fairly cheap to very expensive within a day, it will be a gambling game for those who buy them. At this price, buying any precious metal or gemstone for fashion purposes is a very complicated task. Even you can get artificial jewellery under 500.

8. Updated with various latest trends

Imagine if you have feathers on your 24 carat gold earrings, how scary would it be? This is where your imitation jewelry comes in. You can combine the latest trends and designs with all artificial jewelry you want: rusty metal with pom-poms or rivets with a single pen. Everything about fashion is at your fingertips. Since these trends can change in an instant, if you choose to show off them with precious metals, they may burn your pockets.

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