The Nine Colors of Navratri and Their uniqueness

Apr 12, 2021
The Nine Colors of Navratri and Their uniqueness


Navratri is special festival representing different forms of Mother Goddess Durga. During Navaratri we offer prayers for knowledge, strength & prosperity, which are generated by feminine power. Also, a specific colour is worn on each of days to transfer the positive vibrations of various forms of Godess Durga. Woman love different colours & Navratri is best time to celebrate days with different colours. CrazyHoor is your superb companion this happy season to walk you through the Nine days Beautifully in india. This Navratri wear the Traditional Jewellery with the different shades of Maa Durga to represent the strength and Power of Womanhood. These elegant pieces of jewellery from CrazyHoor shopping for Navratri will get your loved ones consideration and will help YOU wave a stunning & adorable look on every day of Navratri.


Each of the Nine colours of Navaratri represent different powers. The Nine colours of Navratri are white, red, imperial blue, yellow, green, gray, purple, pink & Orange, their combination gives perfect must have collection. Look Down to grab these attractive jewellery and checkout with style & satisfaction to combine it with your outfits.


White shows Purity and Determination

Red defines the Grace

Imperial Blue The Symbol of Health and Wealth

Yellow shows Happiness and Brightness

Green defines Growth and Beginnings

Grey the Symbol of Strength and Transformation

Purple defines Peace and Intelligence

Peacock Green symbolize Desires and Success

Orange defines Energy and Enthusiasm


Adorn your clothing with an excellent jewelry which highlights colours of Navratri. This is a flexible alternative for your personality. Crazy Hoor provide wide variety of imitation jewellery with colour options. You can match your outfit with beautiful necklaces, chandbali, jhumkas, earrings, cocktail rings or other styles accessories.


Pearls Necklace or mala is featuring white day and is devoted to Hindu Goddess Kalaratri featured for harmony and immaculateness. White pearl neckband with hoops gives a bewitching look when combined with a white Indian kurta. Although oxidized designer gems is the liked and most normal accessory during Navratri yet it's imperative to likewise wear ladies agreeable gems as you dance the night away. Thusly gorgeous neckpieces and hoops are a lighter alternative which will help you stick out.


Precious stylish meenakari & polki artificial ornament functions to have a harmony between being in vogue and customary. While gems made utilizing conventional themes like peacock, lotus or some other in gold completion alternatives are ideal for an ethnic and contemporary look. American diamond or Kundan ornaments can likewise be combined with shaded stones like pink sapphire, rubies as red and emerald as green which represent the nine symbols of Devi Durga with their shading attributes same as Nine colours of Navratri. With these pretty looks, you will not be unnoticed by your loved once as well as other people.


There will be always religious significance of Navratri as well as 9 colors of Navratri. These colours have given priority during Navaratri, but in modern time they can also be wore throughout the year. By using colours mindfully we can have positive vibrations & make our lives better.


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