Fashionable mangalsutra designs

The role of jewelry these days goes beyond adornment. It’s part of our normal life. For a wedded lady, Mangalsutra plays a very important role in her style quotient, specifically for a young bride. So how does one integrate this customary accessory in their modern-day costume?

The designers at Crazy Hoor have been catering to this very phenomenon in their design language over the years. With lots of exploration and understanding, the team has decrypted an amazing collection of designs that are not precisely a symbol of love but also something that you would want as part of your everyday styling.


Mangalsutra for Women

At Crazy Hoor, create beautiful ultra-modern mangalsutras for women. The designs available with us online are plentiful!

If you like to wear stylish just as then you reached the right place. We have a collection of small pendants with a beaded chain to give you the benefit of a Mangalsutra with the beauty of a beautiful necklace.

The Mangalsutra necklaces are customized as per lady's suggestions. We have fashion’s biggest trend right now, they are versatile enough to go with any attire. Because of their price points, they are best for gifting purposes as well! The weight mark-up is right for wedding purpose as well as the design is perfect to wear everywhere. These are timeless pieces and lightweight, which go well with every outfit.


Mangalsutra Significance in Indian Culture

Mangalsutra symbolizes a true bond of love between a married couple, and wearing it makes the bond eternal. Moreover wearing mangalsutra directly indicates that you are married. It is believed that once the bride wears it, she is immune to the evil eye. It helps to stay away from negativity and brings happiness to the life of a wedded couple.

If you prefer something unique, check out our fashionable mangalsutra designs Now!


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